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Wednesday, 20 January 2010 07:15

The press conference of the 28th Fadjr International Theater Festival was held in the presence of 210 journalists.

The manager of the Performance Arts Center’s public relations, Rasoul Sadeqi introduced the sponsors of the festival. “The Novin Insurance Company will honor 5 veteran theater artists with life insurance policies at the final ceremony of the festival. Also Laser Internet Company will provide free high speed internet service during the Iranian Theater Marketing.” Sadeqi said. “In addition, Eco Institute and the Cultural-Artistic Organization of the city of Tehran support the festival.” “The Marketing aims to give a chance to the theater companies to present their productions. Some of the companies have filmed their works with three cameras and have equipped them with bilingual subtitles.”

Pointing to the Iranian Theater Marketing, the director of the Dramatic Arts Center, Hussein Parsai said. “There will be over 50 overseas guests and international directors which play a vital role to the theater’s economy of our country.” “This year the festival will host 20 foreign works selected among 300 applicants which is two times more than the last year.

Also 8 theater workshops will be held by international guests of the festival.” Sadeqi continued. Mentioning the aides of the Foreign Medias Office of the Culture & Islamic Guidance Ministry, Sadeqi added: “ZDF German TV Channel, Alan Emirate TV Channel, AP News Agency, Reuters English Channel, Russia TV, Yomiuri Japanese Newspaper, MBC Arab TV, Al Jazeera English TV of Qatar, Al Menar TV of Lebanon are some of the international medias which will broadcast the festival news and provide coverage.”

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