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Tuesday, 22 December 2009 07:31

The director of the Dramatic Arts Center announced the organization of the religious festivals.

"The religious festivals have being multiplying in recent years. Now they have become an absolute cultural and social necessity." "Religious theater should not be limited to festival, but it is supposed to include the whole cultural and social atmosphere of the country." He added. "We can achieve this goal through cooperation, creativity, programming and establishing a permanent secretariat for it." "In recent years religious theater festivals have provide us new chances and possibilities. Now we can organize these unfocused events and take a more professional look at these capacities." Appreciating creativity in the festivals, the Dramatic Arts Center's director continued: "We hope that artists' collaboration extend and develop the religious and more popular theater. If we orient our attention and concentration on one big religious festival, beyond doubt we obtain more valuable results. We hope that such a festival illuminate intellectuality and beauty both in our country and the world." At the end he announced that the call for entry and its preliminary stages will be declared soon.

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