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Wednesday, 29 April 2009 04:51

12th student theater festival continues.

Polish choreographer Wiesna Mond-Kozlowska said that she was really impressed by “the staggering power of poetic stage language” in Iranian plays during her sojourn in Tehran two years ago.

Kozlowska is one of the guests of the 12th International Students Theater Festival and she will hold her choreography entitled “Being Silent” as well as “Geometry of the Body” workshop on April 27.


Theater experts from different countries have been scheduled to hold workshops during the festival, which is currently underway in Tehran.


Kozlowska’s first idea about Iran’s theater was formed two years ago when she participated in the 10th International Student Theater Festival.  She ran a movement workshop entitled “Four Elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Air” at that time in Tehran.


“In Poland we only know Rumi’s poetry, Persian music in general and Hafez. Iran’s modern drama and theater is known mostly to students of the Persian language and culture,” Kozlowska told Tehran Times.


“I was really impressed by the beauty and power of expression of the Iranian actors and also the staggering power of poetic stage language. I remember a group from Shiraz with the performance of ‘Two Servings of Bittering’ that did leave me impressed until now. It was a successful combination of traditional music, mythology and modern stage language.”                                                                                                                                                                             


She described the Persian language as one of the oldest and possessing the noblest heritage of human efforts in struggling for goodness and beauty. She also praised Iranian traditions, saying, “The traditions make a superb starting point for creativity, combined with today’s local and global problems.”


Kozlowska explains about her upcoming workshop entitled “Geometry of the Human Body”. In it, she explores circular, square and rectangular forms in human movement, which she links to the cosmic imaginary of the universe. She stresses the need of perfection of the performed movements and then she performs her choreography.


She is also slated to perform her choreography, “Being Silent,” which has been staged with music by Frédéric Chopin and Faustas Latenas.


“It is a creation in the aesthetic of Western modern dance, and it is a kind of dance theater. Then I will run a movement workshop ‘Geometry of the Human Body’,” Kozlowska said.


She believes there are major differences between general theater festivals and students’ theater festivals.


“General theater festivals very often are concerned with business and commercial issues and occasionally with art, but on the other hand, university theater makes an effort to bridge theory of art with practical art, and is colored by romantic idealism, passion and devotion. (It) sometimes suffers from being a bit non-professional, but it should be forced to reach the highest possible standards of artistry.”


The 12th International Students’ Theater Festival runs until May 2.

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