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Sunday, 02 May 2010 05:53

Iran’s Theater Forum and affiliated associations are holding the Theater Week beginning on Thursday. Iran’s Theater Forum celebrates the annual event from April 29 to May 5 for members of the Iranian Artists Forum at the main hall of Tehran’s City Theater.

The Theater Forum’s celebrations will be held throughout the year but open area performances will be omitted due to the newly appointed board of directors’ view, the secretary of the event added. “For the first time, the Theater Music Association will have a celebration during the week and will also hold workshops on radio plays during the event,” A’rabi mentioned.

The workshops will be held from May 1 to 5 at the Entezami Hall of the Iranian Artists Forum. The main hall of the Tehran City Theater will host the Stage Actors Celebration on Saturday and a puppet show will be performed at the Ferdowsi Hall on Sunday. On Sunday, the Beethoven Hall of the Iranian Artists Forum will also host a program by the Makeup and Mask Designers Association, he said.

The Playwrights’ Association will hold their program at the conference hall of the Iranian Artists Forum on Monday. The Iranian Artists Forum will also host the Stage Directors Celebration on Monday. On Tuesday, the street theater artists will hold their performances at the Nasseri Hall.

The celebration will wrap up with a program sponsored by the Iranian Playwrights’ and Theater Critics’ Association.

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