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Tuesday, 18 August 2009 06:38

Month of Ramadhan is the month of fasting for muslims all over the world. According to Quran Karim all religions before prophet Mohammad (SA) where also given the word that they are to fast for a certain time, during which a believer gives up some of the daily habits on his usual way of satisfying his/her needs to find some insight to himself and the universe, and thus the followers of mohammad(SA) were also given the word to keep fasting for one lunar month in Hijri callendar.Ramadhan has another significance in wwhich holy Quran has been revealed in some sort or another to Mohammad(SA),and this is a good occasion for muslims to attend intelectually and aestetically to this holy revelation by Allah (Subhanahu va Taala).

We in Manzar will try to introduce the magnificant works of art and culture by Iranians in Iran's Museums.

National Museum of Quran

This a new museum established in recent years to specialize on Quranic works and at present is holding some manuscript copies of holy Quran from safavid to Qajar eras.  The museum has also some books on Quranic studies.

A website is also available in farsi but some of the works on the showrooms of the museum can be seen through this website.

Iran National museum of Quran occasionally holds exhibitions of Quranic art belonging to collectioners of Quranic art.

We will try to bring you more information on Quranic art in Iranian Museums .



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