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1   Link   Teach yourself Fasrsi/فارسي
Teach yourself Fasrsi Online;
The site is new, please note farsi is thought through English language.
The settings are in Farsi and students should go through the site from right hand side,therefore one will start with the first lesson درس اول in firdt book(top box.
Lessons 2 and 3 are without exercises تمرین while in the next 13 lessons تمرین are written in red.
There are four books having 64 lessons all together.
Have a good Persian learning.
NB.Since there seems to be a good interest in learning farsi to help manzar to search for a good method of learning farsi language leave your comments about the text and the method used.
Please use- -for sending your messages.
2   Link   Teach yourself calligraphy
Teach yourself calligraphy ;
This is a collection of teaching calligraphy material. The works are represented by masters of persian calligraphy.
All explanations are in farsi .
If manzar can be of any help please contact us at
3   Link   Persian Carpets
Persian Carpets