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61   Link   Iran Cartoon
Iran Cartoon
This center works for the recognition,
upgrading and propagation of
cartoon and caricature in Iran, so as to
encourage and support Iranian cartoonists
and fans and introduce their works
both in Iran and the world.

No. 60, Golnabi(ketabi) St.,Shariati Ave.
Tehran, I.R.IranTel/Fax:(+98 21)22868600

Director : Massoud Shojai Tabatabai
62   Link   Illustrators
63   Link   Hoze Honari
Hoze Honari
64   Link   Iranian Artists House
Iranian Artists House
Intellectuals in Qajar period knew school , newspaper and theatre as the civilization elements but these three elements are useless without manpower ,instrument and budget.

Civil society needs artistic activity and artistic activity needs organ .Iranian Artists' Forum was established to enrichment of arts' activities, to supporting arts' organs etc in 1998 .This artistic –cultural building was an old Qajar's building used a place for ordnances for awhile during the second war .

The council of founders are : Gholamhossein Amirkhani, Morteza Momayez ,Gholamhossein Nami, Iraj Kalantari, Mohamad Sarir, Mohammad reza Abdolmalekian, Hamidalleh Rezaee and Mohammadali Najafi .

Iranian Artists' Forum is a place of arts' secretariats, its spaces are: " Beethoven hall" " Naseri hall"," Amirkhani hall" and " Momayez gallery " , "Mirmiran gallery " , Entezami gallery " and " Nami gallery ""

Iranian Artists' Forum has two coffee shops, a book shop and also an arts' shop

The supreme councils of Iranian Artists' Forum that represent of founders' council are Theatre house , music house, Cinema house, Iranian Painters' association, Association of Iranian Graphics, Association of Iranian sculptors , Association of Iranian penman,

Association of poets and Society of architects that have meeting couple of week.

Supreme councils' members are : Gholamhossein Amirkhani (head of council),Ezatallah Entezami(lieutenant's head of Iranian Artists' Forum), Dr Majid Jozani (Managing director),Ibrahim Haghighi, Reza Mirkarimi , Taher Sheikholhokamee,Kamran Shahin Far, Iraj Rad, Mohhamadreza Abdolmaekian,Hamidreza Nourbakhsh, Masoumeh Mozafari , Dr Mohammad Sarir, Gholamhossein Nami , Nasrollah Nasehpour,Gholamreza Khayatan, Mostafa Asadallahi ,Hamidreza Rezaee,Behzad Farahani, and Anousheh Mansouri.

Iranian Artists' Forum's site is a news site that covers news of Iranian Artists' Forum and also cultural and Artistic news . It has started working since December 2003 . Dr Majid Jozani , managing director of Iranian Artists' Forum is also manager of IAF.

Iranian Artists' Forum's Address:

Baghe Honar , Shahid Mousavi St, Taleghani St,

Tehran. IRAN

Tel(News site ) : +98(21) 88317485

The (public relation):+98(21)88310457-8

65   Link   Visual Arts Center
Visual Arts Center
During the Islamic revolution's compaigns, some young artists who arised among the victorious people in revolution, gathered together. The artists choosed the language of art to express their feelings and attitudes. They started the Islamic revolution's first activities in art, strongly with a honest will and heartily cooperation. Their activities result in founding the musume of Art and Islamic culture that later was named hozeh honary. The range of their activities were expanded and increased the inner value of hozeh which called " Visual Art Center ".

This center due to thirty year efforts and works in variety of visual art's branches such as painting, drawing, caricature and graphical arts, now has valuable experiences and skills.
66   Link   Iran National Carpet Center
Iran National Carpet Center
In its 99th meeting, dated 25 of January, 2002, the Administrative Supreme Council in order to Systematize hand – made carpet industry, restrained all activities in this field by other executive organs and integrated these activities in the central department of ministry of Commerce under the name of"Iran National Carpet Center"(INCC).
By forming a new administrative organization in three divisions:
Coordination and Supervision on Production, Research Management, and Commerce& Economic Management, INCC Pursuits Short & long – term qualitative, quantitative objectives.
67   Link   Imam ali Museum of Religious Art
Imam ali Museum of Religious Art
Art is the manifestation of the Divine Spirit in man, and thus any artwork presents a sacred and elevated aspect. Religious art is always directed toward a sacred element and endeavors to open up before man a window toward the light shining from the shores of the unknown.

Religious art scholars consider the presence of a sacred or spiritual element as the criterion of a religious art or event, and with the sacred element they mean an elevated spiritual essence that is characterized by truth, purity and lack of shortcoming, encompassing all being.

Religious scholars agree that the manner of manifestation of a sacred element in the world of being is not uniform. It could take different forms and aspects that may at times seem to be contradictory.

Religious art created by a believing artist is inspired by a religious experience and the artist's beliefs are the source of his inspiration.

Historical evidences prove that a major portion of man's artistic heritage has been the objective materialization of religious ideas and that man has devoted his gift of creation on the altar of religion.

In the visual arts domain, Iran, one of the few centers of Islamic art and civilization, has offered to the world a special kind of art in a spiritual and mystic form. The organization of Imam Ali Religious Museum in the center of the Islamic Iran has been carried out on this basis and with special attention to the Divine gift of creativity in man. On that account the museum focuses first and foremost on artworks that inspire a profound understanding of the sacred element. The museum is also concerned with the contemporary art created by monotheist artists in the world.

Imam Ali Religious Arts Museum was established in 2000, the year which according to the Iranian Islamic calendar included twice the Feast of Ghadir and was on that account named the year of Imam Ali (A.S.).

The charter of the museum was ratified by the director of Tehran Municipality?s Cultural-Art Organization on May 15, 2006.

Museum?s Objectives and Programs

Imam Ali Religious Arts Museum?s objectives and programs include:

1.Collecting, compiling and introducing visual arts with religious aspects and works by monotheist artists;
2.Conducting research on religious and ritual arts;
3.Creating favorable conditions for carrying out research on religious arts;
4.Introducing artworks through the organization of exhibitions;
5.Gathering and classifying information on religious arts created in Iran and the world;
6.Establishing contacts with similar art centers in the other parts of the world with a view to creating suitable opportunities for activities that would further the museum?s objectives.

Imam Ali Religious Arts Museum intends to mount exhibitions, contact related institutions and organize art competitions in the visual arts field with a view to introducing to the world a specific kind of spiritual and mystic art.
68   Link   Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts
69   Link   Irib Music Center
Irib Music Center
70   Link   Hoze Honari Music Center
Hoze Honari Music Center
71   Link   Gemstones of Iran
72   Link   Student Puppet Show -Kanoon
Student Puppet Show -Kanoon
The institute is affiliated to Kanoon and specializes in children puppet shows.
73   Link   Iranian Calligraphy
Iranian Calligraphy
74   Link   Seventy Years of Academy of Finerts - Farsi
Seventy Years of Academy of Finerts
75   Link   National calligraphy Festival
National calligraphy Festival
76   Link   ECO Cultural Institute-Tehran
ECO Cultural Institute-Tehran
77   Link   28th Fajr Film Festival
28th Fajr Film Festival;
New website containing news, reports and posters of the 28th festival.
78   Link   Students Visual Art Festival
Students Visual Art Festival
79   Link   Rudaki Cultural Center
Rudaki Cultural Center;
Specializinf in music and fine arts.
80   Link   Vav literary prize
Vav literary prize
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