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41   Link   National biennial of Calligraphy
National biennial of Calligraphy
42   Link   Website of Islamology and Iranology in NLAI
Website of Islamology and Iranology in NLAI
43   Link   Iranology Database to be launched
Iranology Database to be launched
44   Link   Majlis books online
Majlis books online
45   Link   Iran National Library
Iran National Library
NLAI is an educational, research, and service institution whose statute has been ratified by the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Parliament). At the highest level, it is chaired by the President of the nation. The National Library of Iran was established in 1937. In 1979, the Tehran Book Processing Centre (TEBROC), and in 1999, the Islamic Revolution Cultural Documentation Organisation (IRCDO) were merged into the National Library. Thus, National Library and Documentation Organisation was created. Finally, in 2002 the latter was joined by the National Iranian Archives to make NLAI. Currently, the Organisation functions in two independent buildings. One is the new building of the National Library of Iran (NLI) and the other is the building of the National Archives of Iran (NAI).
46   Link   Iran Book House
Iran Book House
This is an instituite specializing on books informationin farsi. All printed books can be found on its website.
The institute also holds cultural events on book and literature.
47   Link   The Children Book Council of Iran
The Children Book Council of Iran
In the winter of 1962, a group of 37 professionals and others interested in the cultural development of the young generation met to lay the foundation of an institution devoted to the promotion of children’s literature in Iran. CBC was registered as a non-governmental, not for profit, cultural organization in 1968.
48   Link   Luh for Persian Language & Literature
Luh for Persian Language & Literature
49   Link   Persian Academy of Language and Literature
Persian Academy of Language and Literature
50   Link   Kanoon for Children's Art&Culture
Kanoon for Children's Art&Culture
A national center specializing on children art and culture with many branches around the country is the strongest organization in Iranian children art scene.
51   Link   Center for Puppet Theater
Center for Puppet Theater
52   Link   The City Theater
The City Theater
آنچه که امروزه با نام تئاتر شهر تهران مشهور شده است واهل فرهنگ وهنر برای این ساختمان قدیمی وویژه ارزش وجایگاه بخصوصی قایل اند ساختمانی مدور و استوانه ای زیبا درمحل پارک دانشجو درچهار راه ولیعصر شهر تهران است .

مکانی که بهترین و زیبا ترین آثار نمایشی حرفه ای تئاتر ایران توسط کارگردانان وهنرپیشه های مهروف این سرزمین اسطوره ای درتالار های آن به صحنه رفته است .گویند که تئاتر شهر تهران شباهت ظاهری خیره ‌کننده‌ای با ساختمان " تالار بکمن"» در انستیتو تکنولوژی کالیفرنیا دارد.

در محل تئاتر شهرامروزی ، در گذشته ای نه چندان دور محلی به نام " کافه شهرداری " قرار داشت که یکی از مهم ترین تفرج گاه های مردم پایتخت بود و تا سال های سال نام آن برسرزبان های پایتخت نشینان جاری بود .

در این محل عصرپنج شنبه و جمعه ها بازی سازان ونمایشگران ، سیرک بازان و معرکه گیران جمع می شدند تا از هنر نمایی آنها تهرانی ها اوقات فراغت خود پر کنند و برای لحظاتی از دغدغه های روزانه به دور باشند .
53   Link   Center for Performance Arts
Center for Performance Arts
54   Link   Iranian Young Cinema Society
Iranian Young Cinema Society
The Iranian Young Cinema Society (IYCS)-deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance in cinema and audio-visual affairs, as one of the most reliable producers of short films in Iran, has pioneered the training, production and presentation of short films with a 20-year-plus respective background.
The IYCS trains about 6000 art students in filmmaking and photography all across its 52 offices throughout the country as it produces around 1000 films – fiction, documentary, animation and experimental– on an annual basis. Its annual products have found their way into film festivals and markets at home and abroad, many of which have made it to the famous international film festivals , including Tampere, Pusan, Manchester, Clermont-Ferrand, Oberhausen, Hamburg, Thessaloniki, Drama, Cinema Jove, Cork, Cracow, Festival of Nations,…securing valuable prizes.
These films have also won the IYSC profits, being screened on numerous channels such as ZDF, SBS, arte, Channel 4 (UK), YLE, etc in addition to domestic TV channels.
The society has been the sole official representative of Iran in the "Union Internationale du Cinema"(UNICA) from 1990 and the "International Sort Film Conference" (USFC) since 2000....
55   Link   Union for Short Film Makers of Islamic Countries
Union for Short Film Makers of Islamic Countries
Concurrent with the Tehran 11th International and 23rd national short film festival which hosted Islamic guests from Pakistan, Tajiktan, Kyrgyzstan, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Sudan, Qatar and Tonasia in the Iranian capital from Nov. 21st - 6th, the Iranian Young Cinema Society held a first joint meeting Where it brought up a proposal to set up a union for short filmmakers of Islamic Countries.

The Provisions of the proposed union was overwhelmingly adopted but the members left it open to turn into the union's legal article of association. Enthusiasts can apply for the union's membership, consolidate it with their viewpoints and help it practically achieve its declared objectives.
56   Link   Niavaran Artistic Creations Foundation
Niavaran Artistic Creations Foundation
Niavaran Artistic Creations Foundation started its activities in Niavaran Cultural Center on 1998, intending recognition of the Persian Islamic identity roots for creating effective and everlasting art works, describing and submitting the position of national and artistic Persian identity, recognition of the process of thought in contemporary art, criticizing and development of the culture of critic in the arena of art, raising the level of taste, raising the status and social state of the artists and development of the training and research in the field of Persian Islamic art. The details about these activities are available in the fields of:

Cinema: including the present and past movies that have been featured.

Theater: including the present and past plays that have been staged.

Music: including the present and past programs that have been performed.

Expertise Art Library: Having the ability for search of requested books.

Gallery: including the present and past visual exhibitions that have been performed.

News about the activities of Niavaran Artistic Creations Foundation and News Archive of the Foundation.

57   Link   Documentary and Experimental Film Center
(Documentary and Experimental Film Center
DEFC (Documentary and Experimental Film Center) is the main center for production, distribution and promotion of fiction, documentary, animation and experimental films in the Middle East.
58   Link   Cinema Shahr INstitute
Cinema Shahr INstitute
59   Link   Sima Film Institute
Sima Film Institute
وايل دهه هفتاد بود كه پس از پشت سرگذاشتن مسائل و مشكلات مربوط به جنگ تحميلي و يافتن فرصت لازم براي توجه و پرداخت به سينما و تلويزيون به عنوان تريبون هاي اصلي عرضه محصولات فرهنگي، لزوم تأسيس مؤسسه تهيه و توزيع پروژه هاي سينمايي و تلويزيوني به شدت احساس مي شد.
به همين منظور شركت سيما فيلم به عنوان مؤسسه اي غيرانتفاعي در محل تل فيلم سابق و استوديو گلستان فعلي در سال 1373 تأسيس مي شود.
60   Link   Iranian Photo Agency
Iranian Photo Agency
The Iranian Photo Agency has a collection of photographs that cover
Iranian subjects and others.
If you do not find the subject that you are looking for on our website,
you can always order them to us via e-mail and we may be able to help you.
The pictures presented on our site have been taken by the most professional
Iranian photographers.
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