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Ketab Sal Hozeh
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1000 works in 13 categories have been received by the secretariat of 12th festival of religious books.

Quran, hadith, figh, law, basics, philosophy and kalam, literature, history, sireh, politics, educational and social sciences, ethics, Irfan, translations, economics and corrections are the main sections of this evenr.

The preliminary selection of works is done during summer and they will be announced after holidays in 17th Mordad.

The event will judge among the works of religious students and scholars which have been published during 1388 ( 2009) and introduce the best books in Bahman current year 1389 in Qom.

The 19th Persian Handmade Carpet Exhibition
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The 19th Persian Handmade Carpet Exhibition will be held at permanent place of International fairs in Tehran from September 23 to 29.

This year INCC has taken the measure to form a committee including Persian Handmade Carpet Exporters Association, Qom Handmade Carpet Exporters Association, Isfahan, East Azerbaijan, Khorasan, Fars, West Azerbaijan Handmade Carpet Exporters Associations, Central Association of Rural Handmade Carpet Unions, General Association of Persian Handmade Carpet Producers Co-ops, Iran Carpet Co. and Tehran Handmade Carpet Traders Guild Union to limit public sector's incumbency in executive affairs and transfer them to beneficiaries and private sector.

Decisions and enactments by this committee are made at the place of Iranian

2nd Parvin Etesami literary prize
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Secretariat of the second Parvin literary prize announced the number of entries till the end of last week. The final date for receiving works will be end of Shahrivar(21st OCT 2010).

1008 stories and 351 translations have been received so far while for children and young adults 418 stories and 521 translations have entered the competition.

In children and young adults poetry 345 written works along with 581 translations

Jalal Ale Ahmad, next award on the way
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The manager of Jalal Al-Ahmad Award's secretariat said: "By releasing the award's call in the current year, the works which were sent to the secretariat boosted in numbers.

She added that currently we are gathering and indexing the works which will most probably take a month.

As the call was released more works were sent to the secretariat she said while the books boosted in categories including history and fictions.

The first phase of the award's judgments will be accomplished late August, she added.

Final ceremony of the Mobarak puppet show festival
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The final ceremony of the 13th international puppet show festival ended its work in Tehran's Niavaran cultural complex.

The ceremony was attended by Iranian minister of culture along with puppet show artists, As an interesting point it was the puppets themselves! who managed the ending ceremony of the event specialy a jiant puppet resembeling Mobarak , the Iranian traditional symbol of this art.

It was said during the ceremony that the organizers are preparing for the public and national presentation of the shows. Next the organizers paid respect to Mary Fontes, head of group called" last hiding" from UK and puppet show from Switzerland for

International Quran art exhibition in Tehran
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In the final changes to the 18th Tehran international Quranic art competition photography has been added to the visual art section of this years event while family and hijab are new subjects of interest in the exhibitions.

The organizer of the event told reporters that 38 countries are participating in the 18th exhibition and 300 Iranian publishers along with 30 foreign publishers will display their new works for visitors.

Mobarak puppet festival with 12 shows
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Twelve plays will go on stage on the first day of 13th Mobarak International Puppet Theater Festival Thursday.

Theater troupes from various cities including Tehran, Karaj, Anzali Port and Gorgan will stage their puppet shows in several different theaters in Tehran.

The Ferdowsi Hall will host “Rumi Puppet Theater” by Behruz Gharibpur and “Bijan and Manijeh” By Rasul Najafian will be performed at the Niavaran Cultural Center. “Samak Ayyar” by Javad Zolfaqari will go on stage at the Chaharsu Hall of Tehran City Theater Complex.

Call For Entry of Fadjr Theater Festival 2011
Written by News Editor   

The first part of the “Call for Entry” was released in March and includes 10 sections; Revival, Regional Theater, Festival of Festivals, Street Theater, New Experiments, Panorama of the Iran’s Theater, International Competition, Iranian Theater Bazaar, Theater Photo & Posters and People’s Award.

The complete Call for Entry of 2011 covers 4 new competitions; Play & Play Reciting, Research (on documentary theater, performance, economy & theater), Workshops and the Best University Theses.

In addition, the Radio & TV Drama section will be held biennially due to low number of entries.

Supported by the Dramatic Arts Center, Dramatic Arts Association of Iran and the International Theater Institute, the 29th Fadjr International Theater Festival will run from Jun 6 to 15 under the direction of Mohammad Heidari, in Tehran.

Ethnic folklore festival
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Iran has launvhedf its first Ethnic Culture and Folklore Festival during a ceremony held at the Khanat caravanserai in the capital city of Tehran.

The festival will be held simultaneously at Tehran's Golestan Palace, Sa'ad Abad Historical and Cultural Complex, Niavaran Complex and Khanat caravansera.

This is the first time that all Iranian ethnicities take part in a national event, presenting their traditional

Shams Tabrizi monument design competition
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Head of Tabriz City Council announced the second competition of architectural design for a monument resembling Shams Tabrizi in Gajil Maghbaratulurafa.

Rasoul Darskhan told reporters"the subject of the competition is designing a memorandum along with a cultural and art complex in the center of Shams Tabrizi present monument in Golestan garden.

He emphasized that Tabriz municipality is the main body supporting the project along with the arichitectural groups, Organization of engineering order (national and provincial) and association of Tabriz engineers.

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