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"Iran cartoon house" to set up intl. event against Quran burning
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Iran’s Cartoon House has called the world cartoonists to participate in an online exhibition, which aims to censure the desecration of the Quran in the U.S.

The exhibit will be held on the themes of “Devil against Holly Books”, “Devil against Human Nature” and “Terry Jones”.

Terry Jones, the pastor of the Gainesville, Florida-based Dove World Outreach Center church, had intended to set fire to the Quran on Saturday to mark the

Iran Cinema Celebration
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The annual Iran Cinema Celebration paid tribute to veterans in its fourteenth edition during a ceremony held at Tehran’s Eyvan-e Shams Theater on Sunday evening.

Documentary filmmaker Hossein Torabi, film technician Mohammadreza Firuzfar and musician Mohammad Sarir were the three artists who received their lifetime achievement awards that night.

The ceremony began with a short speech delivered by secretary of the event Farhad Tohidi in the presence of the Managing Director of the Iranian House of Cinema Mohammad-Mehdi Asgarpur.

Technician Mohammadreza Firuzfar was called on stage to receive his award from veteran cinematographer Alireza Zarrindast.

Best of short film celebrations
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Final ceremony of independent short film celebration was held on 18th Shahrivar( 8th Sept 2010) in Shams Hall and the winners received their the ceremony.

Kia Rostami, Ganjavi, Naser Taghvai, Asgarpour, Farhad Tohidi and dignitaries along with Ambassadors in Tehran were among the attendants of the Thursday

Young poets book of the year
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250 titles have so far been received by the secretariat of the 4th young poets book of the year.

Abdolmalekian secretary of the event and head of young poets institution told reporters; after issuing a call in the beginning of Iranian year we have received poetry from young poets averaging 30 years of age which has totaled 250 so far.

The festival called "Gheisar Amin Pour" after a famous Iranian poet who passed away 4 years ago has attracted attention of Persian speaking poets in the country.

Abdolmalekian announced that according to requests by poets we will hold the

Nominies for "Iran Cinema House" prize
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Photography, poster, announce and film teasers candidates for the prizes of Iran cinema House were announced.

Photography; Abdullah Abdi Nasab for the film " Martyre for God", Mohammad Forgani for the film" Park Way", Jalal Hamidi for the film" Evening of the Tens Day", Navid Sajjadi Hosseini for the film " Charlie's Misseries"and Mehdi Del khasteh for the film" A Real Report".

Call for 5th Ashura poster competition
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Hoze Honari will hold it's fifth competition of Ashura posters and has issued a call for receiving works on the subject.

According to this call the main theme of the competition will be Ashura legend and there will be two other themes " Hazrat Zeinab(SA)" and " Tablet writing".

Regulations: Each artist can deliver three works in every section. All artists are welcome to participate in all sections.

Participants must send an A3 size copy of their works along with a CD in Tiff format and 300 dpi to the secretariat.

Judgment will be performed by a group of experts and the selected works will participate in the competition.

Iran's 7th Bismillah Festival kicks off
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The 7th edition of Iran's International Bismillah Festival has kicked off, hosting artworks from 16 countries in the Iranian cities of Tehran and Isfahan.

“The event displays nearly 5,000 calligraphy works, calligraphy paintings, logotypes and graphic designs, 740 of which belong to international artists,” festival director Mohammad-Reza Kamarei told IRNA on Wednesday.

The works picture Persian, Arabic, English and French versions of the Arabic word, Bismillah, which is used as the collective name of the phrase bismillahi r-rahmani r-rahim meaning 'In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.'

18th Intl. Holy Quran Exhibition in Tehran
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The 18th International Holy Quran Exhibition opened during a ceremony at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini Mosalla on Saturday.

The exhibit, whose motto is “Quran, Book of Life”, began a few days before Ramadan and will be open every day from 5:00 pm to 12 midnight until September 3. The ceremony was

Intl. Sand Sculpture Festival opens in northern Iran
Written by News Editor   

The 6th International Sand Sculpture Festival was inaugurated during a ceremony on the Caspian Sea shore, Babolsar on Tuesday.

The festival is showcasing thirty-one sand sculptures, the head of the Ministry of Culture Office in Mazandaran province Hojjatoleslam Abbas-Ali Ebrahimi mentioned during the opening ceremony.

Tehran Literary Prize preparing for final stage
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Final judgment of works of fiction received by the secretariat of Tehran Literary Prize for spring is now over with only one commemorated work.

Abbas Mohammadi, secretary of Tehran Literary Prize told the  reporters that “Having surveyed the festival’s shortlist and according to the opinion of the jury of this season, the story “Saba Ship” written by Roghieh Shahivand from Khoram-Abad was introduced and commemorated as superior work of spring.

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