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18th Book of the Year Award
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Secretariat of the 18th International Book of the Year Award of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced that 52 works are shortlisted for the final phase. The works are categorized in two groups; Islamic Studies and Iranian studies.

According to Ibna a total of 2800 book titles were submitted to the secretariat of which some 300 works were shortlisted for the 2nd phase.

The assessed books were authored in English, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Bulgarian and Indonesian.

Moreover the filed of Islamic Studies contained sections as Quranic sciences, the Holy Quran\'s translation, Nahj-ul-Balagha translation, Islamic art and architecture, science history, Islamic law and Jurisprudence, Islamic world\'s political science as well as philosophy and

Festival of Iran's manuscripts and books
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Tehran will host the first edition of the Iran Rare Books and Manuscripts exhibit from February 12 to 16. Secretariat of the First Festival of Iran's Exquisite Books and Manuscripts has issued a call for works. According to the news headquarters of the festival, the works will be classified in the categories of Holy Quran, Nahjolbalagheh, religious exquisite works, poetry divans, Iranology books, artistic books, and printed manuscripts.

Promotion of the quality of exquisite works published in Iran and presentation of effective strategies in

4th Parvin Award to be held
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The closing ceremony of the 4th biennial Parvin Etesami Award will be held on March 7, 2011 to announce its laureates out of 5445 submitted works to its secretariat.

The ceremony is programmed to be held at Tehran's Vahdat Hall.

Meanwhile, As many as 1162 fiction works in the adults' category were assessed by the panel of judges.

Moreover, some 419 translation works were screened as well. 35 research works and critiques and 261

14th International Storytelling Festival
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Foreign storytellers to recount tales of their motherland at Iranian festival.

Ten foreign storytellers will share tales from their motherland with Iranian children at the 14th International Storytelling Festival.

The festival has been organized by the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA) and will be held from February 19 to 22 in Bandar Abbas.

Revolution Fiction Festival - news
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The secretariat of the 3rd Revolution Fiction Festival has announced 10 novels as the candidates for the festival's award.

Some 293 works have been submitted to the secretariat including novels and short stories for adults and children. Javad Afhami, Mohammad Naseri and Khosro Babakhani judge the works. Screenings on the works began yesterday.

The works are required to be related to the Islamic revolution and should not have been published.

The laureates will be announced during February parallel with the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic revolution. Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance is the

14th Book of the Season Award
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The 14th Book of the Season Award has a fiction laureate as a poetry book has been chosen as a praiseworthy work as well.

The closing ceremony of the 14th Book of the Season Award is slated to run December 20 in the House of Literati.

General manger of Book House Institute, Ali Shojaee Saeen said:" The 14th Book of the Season Award has picked up the best fiction summer book." Moreover a praiseworthy work has been chosen in the filed of adult's poetry section.

The closing ceremony of the 14th Book of the Season Award (best summer books) will be held on

3rd Festival of Revolution's Story
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Secretariat of the 3rd Festival of Revolution's Story has received 233 works so far. The submitted novels and fictions should be related to Islamic Revolution's incidents and events

The works will be screened by a jury to assess the work's related with the Revolution. Javad Afhami as the representative of the adult's group's judges and Khosrow Babakhani as a representative of teenager's judges will screen the submitted works.

According to the Festival's call, the novels and fictions should be related to the Islamic Revolution's incidents and events.

The closing ceremony of the 3rd Festival of Revolution's Story will be held in

Iraj Bastami Music Awards
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Winners of the Iraj Bastami Awards were announced during a ceremony at the Vahdat Hall on Monday. Several artists and musicians including Mohammad Sarir, Hengameh Akhavan and Hossein Elahi Qomsheii attended the ceremony sponsored by the Iraj Bastami Foundation.

The Iranian veteran vocalist Iraj Bastami, 46, and his family died in the Bam earthquake that hit the city on December 26, 2003.

The veteran musician Nader Golchin was also honored at the ceremony. He went on stage and related a

Call for fifth Mirmiran architecture award
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The fifth round of Mirmiran foundation's architecture award in conjunction with concepts related to nature announced its call to architects to participate in the award's competition.

According to awards secretariat this year's concept will be "Green Nature &Architecture".

All architects, students of architecture, designers and young talents are welcomed by the organizers of the event.

Final date forv receiving works will be Sunday 17th of Bahman and the jury will start work on 27th of

Tehran museum honors pioneers of Iranian modern art
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Two major pioneers of Iranian modern painting were honored at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMCA) on Sunday.

An exhibition displaying works by Mahmud Javadipur and Ahmad Esfandiari also opened on the sidelines. Hundreds of artists, students and fans attended the ceremony organized to commemorate the popular artists’ careers spanning more than seven decades.

TMCA director Mahmud Shaluii next said that the museum is proud to possess over 40 works by the two masters. Working steadily for 70 years, Esfandiari is from the first generation of the Iranian pioneers of art and he still experiments within his

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