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Sunday, 29 November 2009 05:35

Today is a real treat. This is a poster by Shahrzad Changalvaee, a completely amazing graphic designer and associate-by-chance through my professor Erik Brandt. Changalvaee is an Iranian type-maestro; in this project she uses photo-typography to make a poster for an event surrounding three mixed-media artists doing a show involving Iran’s contemporary social-political situation. Full info below

Polystyrene, lovebirds, and wallpaper for the win

Words from the mouth

I designed this poster to announce an art exhibition entitled “In the State of Weightlessness” in 2008. It was an installation, video and photography exhibition by three young Iranian artists. I hadn’t seen any of the works before I started designing the poster; but I knew that the exhibition has a critical manner to Iran’s contemporary social-political situation

So I was inspired by this concept and tried to show this idea by focusing on the contrast between the main title and one famous expression that today is used to jest the messy situations: the Homeland of Flowers and Nightingales

These years, I mostly focus on Photo-Typography, as a personal way through which I do the designing. After designing the main composition, I made the title by polystyrene, in Nastaliq, the most well-known Persian calligraphy style. Then, we covered a box with a pattern of flowers and hanged the words which took about 4 hours. The idea was to let a lovebird fly in this place and create visual typographical scenes! But a few seconds after the bird started flying, it was a complete mess! I could only take a few shots of the bird and types, and after that, we had to bring out the types and just let the bird fly. I shoot about 800 frames and had to change the main design a bit, but that was one of my best experiences in design ever

Shahrzad Changalvaee


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