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Saturday, 12 September 2009 11:48

Three manuscripts in this museum have great significance since they are attributed to three Imams of Shia sect namely; Imam Hsan Mojtaba(AS), Imam Hossein (AS), Imam Sajjad (AS), who followed Imam Ali(AS) the first Shia Imam and the fourth Khalif after Prophet Mohammad (SA) .

Following are three links to the pages in the museums website.

The Malek Mmuseum is located in Tehran but it has been endowed to Imam Reza(AS)'s Astane Quds Razavi.

Link 1 :Quran Mnauiscript attributed to Imam hassan Mojtaba (AS)

Link 2: Quran Manuscript Attributed to Imam Hossein (AS)

Link 3: Quran Manuscript Attributed to Imam Sajjad (AS)


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