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Tuesday, 14 September 2010 09:33

The annual Iran Cinema Celebration paid tribute to veterans in its fourteenth edition during a ceremony held at Tehran’s Eyvan-e Shams Theater on Sunday evening.

Documentary filmmaker Hossein Torabi, film technician Mohammadreza Firuzfar and musician Mohammad Sarir were the three artists who received their lifetime achievement awards that night.

The ceremony began with a short speech delivered by secretary of the event Farhad Tohidi in the presence of the Managing Director of the Iranian House of Cinema Mohammad-Mehdi Asgarpur.

Technician Mohammadreza Firuzfar was called on stage to receive his award from veteran cinematographer Alireza Zarrindast.

The lifetime achievement award was named in honor of the deceased filmmaker Seifollah Daad. Filmmaker Daad, credited for his famous hit “The Survivor,” a drama about a Palestinian woman, died at 54 in July 2009.

Other cinematographer Mahmud Kalari joined the stage to hand the award to veteran documentary filmmaker Hossein Torabi.

A short doc featuring major works by Torabi was screened for the audience after which the award was handed to him.

The ceremony was followed by a tribute paid to Sarir where musician Farhad Fakhreddini was called to the stage to read a letter praising Sarir and his ethical character.

On the side section, several diplomas were presented for best photo, poster and teaser trailer. The celebration was brought to an end by honoring recently deceased singer Mohammad Nuri with a beautiful song performed by his student Mohammadreza Sadeqi.

The celebration will announce the winners in major sections during a ceremony to be held on Thursday.

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