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Saturday, 28 February 2009 09:33

3rd International Urban Film Festival affiliated to "Art and Cultural Department of Tehran Municipality" has already been organized to improve the quality of city life and urban cultural, tending to protect and promote the Iranian - Islamic identity of the citizens and introducing the fils concern to the 30th anniversary of the Islamic revolution in Iran.the 3rd edition of the festival has two main parts as Competitive and Non - Competitive that will be held 2nd-7th March, 2009 in Tehran.

Festival 2009

A) National Competition:
1. Iranian Long Feature Films
2. Iranian long and Semi-Long Videos
3. Iranian Documentary Films
4. Iranian Short Fiction Films
5. The “Islamic Revolution” Films
6. “Sector Movies” Competition ( Amateurs)
7. Advertising and Educative Teasers

The secretariat of the International Urban Film Festival will praise also any TV programs which concern the festival themes.

B) International Competition:
1. Documentary Films
Short Fiction Films
Children and Young Adult Movies

C) Non – Competition Section ( International)
1. Long Feature Films
2. A Tribute to an Iranian Filmmaker
3. Retrospective of a Foreign Filmmaker
4. One City - One Look
5. Urban Cinema Outlook
6. Foreign Documentaries

Selection & Jury
All submitted movies will be seen by the selection committee of the festival to be selected for the competition sections of the 3rd International Urban Film Festival and the best films will be granted the below mentioned awards:

Diploma of Honor and the festival Trophy to the Best Iranian Long Feature
2. Diploma of Honor and the festival Trophy to the Best Iranian Video
3. Diploma of Honor and the festival Trophy to the Best Documentory
4. Diploma of Honor and the festival Trophy to the Best Short Fiction
5. Diploma of Honor and the festival Trophy to the Best Children Movie
6. Diploma of Honor and the festival Trophy to the Best Islamic Revolution Film”
7. Diploma of Honor and the festival Trophy to the Best “Sector Movie”
8. Diploma of Honor and the festival Trophy to the Best   Teaser

Cash Prizes
Art & Cultural Department of Tehran Municipality” as the previous edition of the festival will grant also cash prizes containing 2000 to 15000 USD to the best awarded movies in different parts of the competition. In addition, the festival secretariat may grant some more prizes to the Best Screenplay, Best Direction and Best Research according to the advise of the Jury. These awards will contain financial supports for the next projections of the granted filmmakers whom their next plans would be related to the subject of the festival up to 50% of the whole budget and/or buying the rights of the granted movies.

 Common Regulations

Neither the entries should be produced  before April-2006,

Nor have been submitted to the previous edition of the festival.


- Deadline to submit screener DVDs to the festival :

December 5th, 2008   for Iranian films

December 31st, 2009 for Foreign films

-The DVD screeners will Not be returned to the filmmakers after or during the festival.
- All DVD sceeeners must be submitted to the festival office along with the filled out
Entry Form which can be found on the festival website  by the filmmakers or producers.
- Not more than
1 Movie should be written on a DVD screener, and any films which dosn`t have the proper technical standards will not be considered to be screened at the festival. Also, the festival is not responsible for any probable destructions that may occur for the films in order of malfunction of regular post or other couriers.
- All filmmakers who submit their DVD screeners should send also
2 personal photos of the director of the film apart from 3 scene photos to the festival office.
Title of the films and full names of the directors should be written on the discs and behind the related photos.
- All filmmakers, producers, organizations and public/private companies can participate at the International Urban Film Festival by as many as films they would prefere to.
- Participating and screening films at the festival will be according to the
common regulations of screening movies in the Islamic Republic of Iran and festival will not consider any submitted entries that are not completely done by the participants .
- Any cast and/or crew of the selected movies can not be a part of the
Jury in the festival.
Scheduling to screen movies, and any interpretation about the regulations of the festival or making final decisions for doing the regulations or unpredicted matters will be finalized by the secretariat of the 3rd International Urban Film Festival.

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