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Tuesday, 06 April 2010 07:13

The first national calligraphy festival will be held on Ordibehesht 1389( May 2010) in Qazvin- North Tehran.

Saadalsaltaneh's Sara in Qazvin Bazar( an old building of Qajar era renovated recently) is the chosen venue for the biennial.  

Shafee the organizer of the event told reporters "The opening ceremony will be on 22nd Ordibehest and the event will continue for one week. Along the main event will be seminars and discussions about calligraphy and specially sessions for critics to discuss the works represented in the exhibitions."

He also hoped to internationalize the event, regarding the history of Islamic calligraphy in Iran. In this years festival organizers have invited Turkish and Emirate calligraphers to be present as members of the jury.

Ministry of culture will buy some of the works to make the festival more attractive for the participants.

The first National festival of calligraphy will venue for  representing works of Nastaaligh,Broken Nastaaligh, Tholth and modern styles of this traditional art.

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