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Monday, 14 February 2011 08:11
18th World Book of the Year Award wrapped up yesterday, February 8, in Tehran's Vahdat hall.

The winners of the 18th edition are:

"Translation of Divan of Hafez into Bosnian" by Becir Dzaka from Bosnia and Herzegovina, "Kings of Kings – the Sassanids: Iran of the III – VII centuries in legends, chronicles and contemporary research" by historian Sergei Dashkov from Russia, "Al-Ghazali's philosophical theology" by Frank Griffle from Britain, "The Iranian languages" by Gernot Windfuhr from the United States, "The fertility transition in Iran: Revolution and reproduction" by Mohammad Jalal- Abbasi-Shavazi, Perter McDonald and Meimanat Hosseini-Chavoshi from Australia, "Les secrets de l'invisible: Essai sur le grand commentaire de Fahr al-Din al-Razi" by Michel Lagarde from Italy, "Budi Biser, Biser Budi" by Ervin Jahic and Ebtehaj Npuraee from Croatia, "Encyclopedia Islamica" edited by Kazem Musavi Bojnurdi, "Islamic money and banking" by Iraj Toutounchian, translation of the Holy Quran into Turkish by Morteza Torabi, "Babylon: Myth and reality" by Irving Finkel, and Michael Seymour from Britain, "Images en terre d'Islam' by Oleg Graber from France, "Islamic world encyclopedia" supervised by Gholam-Ali Hadad-Adel, "Al-Jahiz: A Muslim humanist for our time" by Tarif Khalidi from Lebanon, "The grove encyclopedia of Islamic art and architecture" by Jonathan Bloom and Sheila Blair from Britain, "Das transzendentale bei Ibn Sina" by Tiana Koutzarova and finally "Science and philosophy in 9th century" by Roshdi Rashed.

Moreover late Oleg Fedorovich Akimushkin was chosen as the top reasercher of Iranian and Islamic Studies.



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