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Wednesday, 24 November 2010 10:02

In a ceremony held at Hoze Honari,Tehran ,Sangari the secretary of the event told the participants” this iis the result of six month hard work in different sections. We have selected the best works out of 863 books published on the topic of the festival during 1387 and 1388 AH, in 15 categories and now we announce 9 books as the best works and 10 second prize winners and 13 third prize winners. We will also name 30 books after them as praise worthy.”

He continued “ during this session we have come across good works specially published for children and young adults and the jury found an increased sensitivity among publisherd towards the topic of holy defence.”

Sangari also showed the jury’s satisfaction of entering 65 publishers from different provinces to the field. Sangari also welcomed 98 works by female writers to the competition. He said that research work is also catching up in the universities aand we are seeing some doctorate works in the field.

He asked the critics to give new life to the holy defence literature by looking at the books on the scale introduced by Holy Quran.

The winners were announced as follows;

Auto biography:In this field no work won the best prize but “ High boots” by Gasem Abbasi won the second prize.

Biography; “Baba Nazar” by Seyyed hasan beizai won the first prize.

PW Memories; In this newly established section the jury gave the first prize to “ Tikrit’s hot sands”.

Fiction; “ On top of the waters” by Mohammad Reza Sharafi and “Sar Rizoon” by Mohammad Mahmoodi jointly won the best prize.

Fiction Autobiography; No work won the best prize and not even the second , but “ Look at those eyes” by Ezzatollah Alvandi received the third prize of the competition.

Poetry; Out of 93 participants the “Soldier with snow ball” by Majid Saadabadi won the best prize.

Research; History and Historiology of Iran-Iraq war by Alireza kamari won the best prize.

Literary history; “Personality creation in holy defence short stories” by Hasan Barootian won the first prize.

Military research; No work got the first prize but “ Iranian economy during Iran-Iraq war won the second best prize.

Children Literature; “ Shemshad va Arezooye Chaharom” by Akbar Sahrai won the best prize of the event.

Children and young adult poetry; “Since the Radio gave the news” by Gholamreza Baktash won the first prize.

Play write; “ Rekab” by Ezzatollah Mehravaran as the first prize winner.

Translations; “Kuwait during occupation “ was greeted by the jury and Seyyed Sajjad Heidar from India won the best prize for translating the life story of two martyrs.

Illustrations; Illustration of the book titled ”Mosquito’s Photograph” by Melika Seada won the first prize.

Publishers; “Gadr velayat” publishers first from Iran, Chekin Ekiwer from Kowthar publishers of Turkey, Keshmir publishers from Pakistan and Darul Hoda publishers from Lebanon.




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