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Wednesday, 28 July 2010 09:12

The manager of Jalal Al-Ahmad Award's secretariat said: "By releasing the award's call in the current year, the works which were sent to the secretariat boosted in numbers.

She added that currently we are gathering and indexing the works which will most probably take a month.

As the call was released more works were sent to the secretariat she said while the books boosted in categories including history and fictions.

The first phase of the award's judgments will be accomplished late August, she added.

“Jalal Al-e Ahmad (1923-1969) is one of the most outstanding figures of Persian literature.

The award assesses books which were printed during the previous year. The jury board considers "Long stories", "Short stories", "Literary criticizing" and works penned on documents and history.

The winners are presented with 110 gold coins as well as Jalal Al-ahamd's literary symbol.



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