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Wednesday, 16 December 2009 10:54

"The Book of the Season Award has doubled the number of assessed books for the Book of the Year Award in the last two year," said Ali Shojaei Saein, director of the Book House, a few days ahead of the closing ceremony of the 10th Book of the Season Award.

The ceremony will be held next Monday December 21 in the presence of the Culture Minister and a number of

active literati at the House of the Literati. "The overall number of the published books in the country shows no significant increase, however, the high number of the considered books for the Book of the Season Award indicates that a larger number of published books are assessed by judges," he added.

He underlined the judgment proceedings for the 27th Book of the Year Award and said that with the help of the Book of the Season contest, nearly 19,000 works are considered by the panel of judges. "This is while last year almost 16,000 works were appraised and the year before, 8,000 works were considered showing a 100% increase in the number of assessed works for the Award in the last two year. "It would be unrealistic to expect a total assessment of all the works and publisher and authors should help manage the increase," he added. "we use one copy of every works both for the Book of the Season and the Book Bank but there are works by provincial publishers which do not receive leave to be delivered to Tehran and this by itself causes troubles for us in the assessing them."

He said the Book of the Season Award is an independent award which has its own place among the literati and is considered as a complement to the Book of the Year Award. "I heave heard different accounts by the literati about the Book of the Season Award like "It's worked miracles" and "it’s a giant leap for book affairs", and I think they are due to the 90% increase in the number assessed books for the award," he added. "The Book of the Season Award is an award considered during the year," he added. "The award has helped the Year Award judgments as well and the considered works of the award have heightened dramatically.

" The Book House buys 300 to 500 copies of the award winner works and delivers them to different libraries a culture center in the country so that all can gain access to the books.



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