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Monday, 07 December 2009 10:29

The director of Hozeh Book of the Year announced the selection of 139 out of 1100 works received at the office of Hozeh Book of the Year in the second evaluation phase, saying that the final phase of evaluation will be made as soon as the final committee of referees is determined.

Alireza Zahiri told IBNA, "the final committee has no member limits and is consisted of research director, editor of scientific congress and specialists of each specific field". The director of Hozeh Book of the Year stated that each group can hold separate session: "these committees are to review all works received that have scored high – over 80 out of 100 scores – within five to six sessions." "Without any preset limits, all select works with high scores will be announced in all fields. As it may happen to have more than three winners in each field, it is also possible to have no final winners".

He further remarked that the 139 nominees are selected in 13 different fields of knowledge, including Quranic sciences, philosophy and rhetoric, mysticism and ethics, history and tradition, jurisprudence and principles and law, bibliography and general studies, literature and arts, humane and social sciences, economics, political knowledge, translation, research, revision, and 'educational technology'. The director of Hozeh Book of the Year remarked that since the last two years, thesis papers are also evaluated next to books in Hozeh Book of the Year selection: "this year 38 thesis papers could pass second evaluation phase out of total 60 doctoral thesis papers of 4th degree".

He finally said, "There are 23 female writers with about 36 works among this year's final nominees". Hozeh Book of the Year is annually held with the purpose of fortifying the scientific potential and authorial capabilities of Hozeh writers and it will announce its final winners in February 2010.




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