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Saturday, 09 May 2009 05:40

Third festival of books and research on religion was held in Tehran .The festival attracts books and research work on religion from Iranian writers and focuses on five subjects; Quran and Hadith-Jurisprudence and Islamic Law-Philosophy,Irfan and Islamic ethics-History,Culture and Islamic civilization and finaly religion and humanities.The winners of each section is as follows:

Quran and Hadith:

First prize was awarded to Hojjatulislam Dr Ali Akbar Payani for his work titled "History of Quranic Interpretations" and "Revelation Studies" by Mostafa Karimi  and the third place for a translation of Sahifeye Sajjadiye (A Famous prayer book by fourth shia Imam hazrat Sajjad which was translated by Iranian poet Garmaroudi.

Jurisprudence and Islamic Law:

No book was to win any prize.

Philosophy,Irfan and Islamic ethics:

No book won the first prize.  

History,Culture and Islamic civilization:

The book titled " History of Islamic Culture and Civilization" by Dr Fatima Jon Ahmadi took the first place and the second went to Dr Abdulali Rezai for his book " Obstacles and Necessities of Islamic Civilization"

Religion and Humanities:

" Globalization and Political islam " by Hojjatulislam Dr Gholamreza Behrouz lak was the winner.

In Research wrks there was no winner and some works was named by the jury as well received. 

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